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The Samsung E820 Mobile Phone is a very similar handset to the E800, it comes in silver and grey and is an attractive phone with a slide-up design and a mechanism that opens easily with the slightest touch. There are some useful features on this phone but with no Bluetooth or Mp3 player it is not a mobile for users who like all the gadgets on their handset.

The Samsung E820 mobile phone has an integrated VGA camera with digital zoom and photo effects that include a multi-shot option which allows the user to take up to 15 photos. There are 22Mb of internal memory which gives enough space to store photos and the photo-caller identification feature allows you to see the person who is calling by displaying a picture of them instead of just a name or number. Other features include polyphonic ringtones, a phonebook that can store up to 1000 names and useful organiser functions such as a clock, calendar, calculator, scheduler, to-do list and much more.

If you are looking for a phone that is easy to use for calls and texts but is not stacked with technological features then the Samsung E820 is a good buy and is well worth a look.

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