Cheap telephone calls. Fixed landline phone and line rental.

Cheap Telephone calls at Cheapest Utility Suppliers There are many ways to get cheap telephone calls, depending on your phone usage. You will probably fall into one of the following categories:

1. Daytime usage 2. Evenings & week-ends 3. International Calls 4. Phone & Internet combined 5. Landline to mobile.

The following websites will allow you to compare the many telephone tariffs that are on the market and will help you to get cheap telephone calls and secure a better deal.

Uswitch: click here to compare prices on UK telephone suppliers and save up to 90% on your phonecalls

Energyhelpline: Amazing savings to be made, halve your phone bills

International Calls Alpha Telecom is reknowned for it's cheap international calls. Free calls credit available on signup.

It is very easy to locate cheaper phone calls by utilising any, or a combination of the above options. A quick look at your last bill should indicate in which area you spend most on calls.

This site aims to help you find the cheapest call supplier for your landline phone and line rental, and help you to make monthly savings on your phone bills.

You can save money on all your telephone bills, including cheap telephone calls from both your fixed line and mobile phones in a variety of ways:

• Buy online: You can often save money if you change landline phone call providers on the internet. Some phone companys give internet discounts, and switching phone supplier is as simple as filling in a form.

• Direct debit: Telephone providers offer discounts on their supply if you pay your phone bills by direct debit. Because it's cheaper for them, many suppliers use direct debit for their customers bill payments and they pass on those savings, so you get cheaper phone calls!

• Discounts for taking multiple Phone services: Some Phone companies offer extra discounts for those prepared to take several telephone services - including cheap line rental, mobiles and other utilities services such as gas & electricity. Generally, the more services you take from the same phone company, the more you will save on your bills.

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