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Find the cheapest electricity suppliers in the UK and save money with a cheaper electricity bill.

• It is easy to switch electricity companies and will only take a few minutes of your time. Moving to a new electric supplier is not risky, as most providers are large organisations who you can trust, and all of them are regulated to ensure a high standard of service. Since the electricity and gas markets were opened up to competition many companies have discounted their services, making cheaper electricity tariffs available.

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To find a cheaper electricity supplier for your circumstances, use an online energy price comparison service. There are three main sites that allow you to compare prices to get a quick and accurate price comparison for electricity. To find your cheapest energy provider
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Energyhelpline: Helping you switch and save:

Uswitch: Compare prices with the fantastic Energy Price Comparison Calculator

To save more money on your electricity bills why not consider a Dual Fuel deal, by moving both your gas & electricity to one supplier, you can make significant savings on both services, and some offer discounts on phone, mobile & broadband too. The more services you are prepared to switch, the more your savings should be.

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