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The Samsung E760 Mobile Phone The Samsung E760 mobile phone comes in an eye catching silver with a black trim and is a very sleek handset and the round external display gives this phone a unique look. Inside things are as per normal with all the usual Samsung features there, such as the user friendly keypad and easy to navigate menus and an impressive 262k colour display.

Probably the most outstanding feature on the Samsung E760 mobile phone is the motion detector, it detects the slightest movement and a shake to the left or the right will make the Mp3 player skip automatically from one track to the next and an upward or downward shake will increase or decrease the volume. There is 96Mb of memory giving plenty of space to store your favourite tracks and take advantage of the motion detector feature. Other features include a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, video camera, Polyphonic and Mp3 ringtones, speakerphone and much more.

A great looking handset which is sure to appeal to teenagers and music lovers who will love to show off with this mobile because of its unusual design and features. A good all round phone that will be very entertaining and fun for many users.

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