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The Nokia 6111 mobile phone is one of Nokia's neat slip down phones, and has a nice compact design and all the features expected of a standard phone, plus many other aspects of the latest technology.

This handset has a very simple to navigate keypad & is easy to use, as with most other Nokia's. All the normal Nokia menu features are there, with the standard handset functions easy to find. This handset has a megapixel camera and video recorder, a media player with MP3 and a nice add on of visual radio(FM sterio).

Connectivity and battery life are generally good with this handset, but because this is one of Nokia's first attempts at slip down phone design, there may be one or two issues with the phone as a whole.

The 6111 is still an easy to use telephone, for phone calls, for email, messaging and basic camera & video functions but perhaps lacks a bit of depth on the high end technical specification.

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