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The Nokia 3220 mobile phone is one of Nokia's camera phones with a modern young design. More fashionable than the Nokia 3120 this handset is not full of technical functions, but as a camera phone with video clips facility, this is a very popular model. The keypad is very easy to navigate & all functions are straightforward. All the normal menu features are there, with standard handset functions easy to find. This handset has good connectivity, and battery life and is ideal as a first camera phone.

This is not a suitable handset for those wanting internet access or mp3 users, but it is easy to use and reliable.

If you are seeking an easy to use camera telephone for basic usage and video clips - to make phone calls and send text messages, then the Nokia 3220 is more than adequate for this. There are different press on covers in many colours available to customise the look of the 3220.

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