Nokia 1600 Mobile Phone

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The Nokia 1600 mobile phone is one of Nokia's entry level telephones, but is a well designed handset and more visually appealing than either the Nokia 1100 or the Nokia 1110. If you are looking for a simple to navigate & easy to use phone, maybe for a first time mobile phone user, a child or older person, then the Nokia 1600 is a solid choice. All the normal handset features are there, with all the standard handset functions. It is also very user friendly with a long battery life, good connectivity, and is definitely worth considering as a first time purchase.

If you are seeking a phone to use for basic telephony - to make calls with and send text messages, then the Nokia 1600 does the trick. This is not a sutable handset for those wanting to access the internet or for games and mp3 use or camera functions - but it is one of the most user friendly and reliable mobiles on the market today. Reliability and durability are the main plus points with this Nokia telephone handset.

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