Motorola PEBL U6 Mobile Phone

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Motorola PEBL U6 Mobile Phones

The Motorola PEBL U6 mobile phone is another handset from Motorola that is specifically designed for users who are into great looks and style in their phone. This handset has one of the smoothest mechanisms and opens automatically with only a slight touch to reveal an eycatching keypad and 262k colour display, which is ideal for playing the Java games that are installed or viewing photos from the VGA camera.

The Motorola PEBL U6 handset is not just about design and looks, there are some great features on this handset as well. These include Speaker independent voice recognition, where you can control your phone simply by speaking, voice memo, Mp3 ringtones, picture caller ID and connectitvity through Bluetooth, Class 2 and USB. Battery life is good with approx 250 hours standby time and up to 400 minutes talktime.

This is the ideal handset for fashion conscious users and does everything that you would expect but with some extra special features thrown in, making this a great looking mobile and a great performer as well.

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