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The LG u890 Mobile Phone with 3G has recently been released and is a follow up to the U880 handset that LG have had so much success with. It is similar in many ways to its predecessor, but has some impressive features that are either new or have been seriously enhanced. The design is significantly different as the U890 is more stylish in silver, with a metallic finish which will impress users who are particularly style conscious. The phone is specifically aimed at users who love their music and to that end A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profiles) has been added, this allows users to listen to music through a Bluetooth stereo wireless headset.

The 56mm 262K colour display is an obvious upgrade as it is larger and has superb clarity when browsing, while the 1.3 mega-pixel camera carries digital zoom, and integrated flash, which was unavailable on the U880. The U890 mobile phone boasts 70mb of internal memory, with an impressive expandable memory available through a Trans Flash card to allow you to store pictures, videos, ringtones and screensavers. Connectivity is enabled via Bluetooth and USB, making data transfer easy and internet downloads are also fast with 3G speeds of up to 384 kps. There is also a wide selection of Java games and ringtones that can be downloaded to keep you entertained for many hours.

Although the Lg U890 mobile phone is similar to the U880, the fact that it has a better design, an improved keypad, additional features and an emphasis on music, will no doubt make this another popular offering from LG in the 3G phone market.

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