Telephone Preference Service (TPS

Telephone preference service - Cheapest Utility Suppliers About the Telephone Preference Service.

Many companies contact potential customers by telephone to sell their products and services

It is now a legal obligation for anyone making unsolicited sales and marketing calls to ensure they do not call individuals who have registered their wish not to be called.

Customers can contact individual companies directly to prevent them being contacted, or register with the Telephone Preference Service

The Telephone Preference Service is a central register of individuals who have indicated they do not wish to receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls

The registered owner of the telephone number can register at or call 020 7291 3320 There is no charge to register with the service.

The term individual includes consumers at their residential address, sole traders and, except in Scotland, partnerships

Every organisation that wishes to use the telephone to canvass customers has to adhere to the TPS database and if a telephone number is registered on the database, they are not permitted to call

Some telephone systems on the greater UK network automatically prevent calls to numbers registered on the TPS database and when a call is made to that number the following announcement is played: "The number dialled is TPS barred"