Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Review

The Nokia 3100 is a fashionable mobile phone that is aimed at the younger end of the market where looks and style are very important. It comes in mainly blue and pink, with other colours available and has several features that are sure to appeal to the market that it is aimed at.

The phone is very eyecatching with its glow in the dark cover and colour screen, it is light and its slimline shape allows for easy carrying, either in a handbag or shirt pocket. The phone can send multi-media messages and can receive pictures, has colour wallpaper and animated screensavers and these are the features that consumers say makes the phone stand out from the rest. However, the most eye catching feature that seems to make most appeal, is the fact that the phone has a flashing light when the phone rings or you receive a text message. This can be set so that it flashes in time with your ringtone. This effect looks really impressive and teenagers will enjoy showing off to their friends with this function.

The 3100 has polyphonic ringtones; a large number of which are pre-installed, with others readily available for downloading from various websites via the WAP feature of the phone. The keypad is well presented and consists of normal numbers, shortcut and navigational keys that allow movement both left and right and up and down when making selections. This makes the 3100 easy for making calls and sending texts. However, some users complain that the keys are too close together, which leads to pressing the wrong keys when calling in a hurry, but its impossible to please everyone all the time, while others have complained that the ringtones are not very loud and this can lead to missed calls.

Apart from a few comments about the 3100 having no bluetooth or radio and some users being disappointed about it having no built in camera, (although a camera attachment can be purchased separately) on the whole this phone is very popular. The battery life is very long, its durable if dropped, is reported to have excellent reception, texting is easy with predictive messaging and an inbox that will hold up to 100 messages, it has a speaker phone facility and alarm clock and the Java supported games will keep you amused for hours.

Features of the Nokia 3100 include:

Glow-in-the-dark cover
Flashing lights when phone rings
Colour display (4096 colours within 128 x 128 pixels)
Optional Camera (available separately)
Nokia Xpress-on™ Gaming cover (available separately)
Java™ games: Beach Rally, Snake EX2 and Bowling, plus downloadable games
Multimedia Messaging (Receive messages containing text, audio, and image, which can be saved as wallpapers and ringing tones;
send messages containing images, audio and text to other compatible phones; delivery reports; multiple recipients;
Animated screensavers
SMS Email
Integrated handsfree speaker
xHTML browser
Pop-Port™ interface
Connect to PC with Connectivity cable DKU-5
Alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator
Speed dialing for up to 9 names
Tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900)
Weight: 85 g
Size: 42.8 mm x 101.8 mm x 15.2-19.6 mm
Battery talktime: Up to 2-6 hours
Battery standby: Up to 170-410 hours