Cheap International Phone Calls

If you are looking for Cheap International Phone calls, then you have come to the right place. Here at the Utilities Wizard we have been checking out the companies who are offering the best deals on the above. We will be constantly monitoring all the major companies who offer these types of long distance telephone calls in order to offer you advice that will hopefully ensure you find the cheapest international phone calls available.

When choosing a supplier for Cheap International Phone Calls, it is important to analyse exactly what your requirements are. If you only make international calls occasionally you may simply need to shop around the various companies to find a competitive rate for the countries you require. If however, you call on a regular basis you may benefit from the International Lower Cost option that most companies offer. For £1.00 per month you can make international calls to landline or mobiles at any time for a significantly reduced rate; this can be as little as 2p per minute.

Alternatively, if you frequently make long distance international calls a Saver Unlimited option is probably the one for you. For a monthly payment of £19.99 you can call a significant number of international destinations anytime for free. This type of offer allows you to speak for up to 1 hour at a time, after this your normal call charge will apply, however, if you disconnect the call and dial the number again you can then talk for another hour within the terms of the package.

Some companies will also offer a discounted rate on International Calls if you dial a prefix number. By dialling a number that they supply, followed by the number you require, considerable savings can be made. This is available to approximately 23 countries and includes Africa and Asia.

Here at the Utilities Wizard we will be looking out for the best deals available for cheap international telephone calls and will be highlighting any deals that we feel are value for money. Visit this page regularly to find the best value deals on the market.