Cheapest unlimited Broadband internet access.

 Cheapest Utility Suppliers Broadband internet access is the best option for regular internet users. You can have Unlimited broadband access from 256kbps (five times quicker than dial-up speed) up to 10 Mbps.

Automatic online data backup is also available through our preferred broadband supplier.

A Broadband Internet connection gives users a fast, always-on connection, without the hassle of dial-up access - via a standard dial-up modem.

Dial up Internet access delivers data at a speed of up to 56 kilobits per second (kbps), and users must wait to dial-up and connect to the Internet.

Broadband internet access has the ability to send more data at a far faster rate.

This allows for more video,audio and other data to be accessible at faster speeds. Also, Broadband connections are "always on", which eliminates the in no more frustration of dial-up connections.

If you currently have an ADSL service with another provider and would like to switch to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, the first 2 months subscription is free via a credit on your third bill.† This is in addition to being able to benefit from our amazing “double speed” promotion for all customers subscribing to our 512kbps service.

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